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Lorraine Bowen is a talented entertainer, quirky songwriter and performer, has written over five albums of catchy songs and makes people laugh!

Lorraine loves fashion and mixes her passion for great melodies, A-line dresses, polyester and Casiotone organs for an off-the-wall, eccentric world!

Described as ‘Madonna meets Mary Poppins’

Lorraine entertains any age with a set of original songs on her trusty Casio organ mixed in with self recorded backing tracks from her five self-penned albums. Her chat and stage personality delights any age from 9 - 90!

Lorraine’s show list is extensive!  She has written and performed many different types of shows, cabarets and themed nights!

These are just a few of them!

Lorraine Bowen has starred on the BBC TV show, The One Show, BBC radio Woman’s Hour/compered The Big Chill/ performs at loads of London venues/ fills out tents at Bestival, Glastonbury and Vintage summer festivals/has conducted 1,500 singers at The South Bank/ champions gay clubs like Duckie and Sink the Pink and performs at birthdays, weddings, civil partnerships and private parties.

Lorraine Bowen’s ‘Posture Exercises’

Lorraine can entertain an eager audience with exercises taken from an old 1960s posture record ‘Stay A Girl’.  Hilarious early fitness techniques for the modern gal!

Lorraine Bowen’s Vital Organs

Lorraine gets out her extensive retro collection of 80s electronic instruments in this hilariously eccentric show.

Lorraine Bowen’s FUN TO BE A FISH in 3D

Top animator Kate Sullivan has animated Lorraine’s original song, FUN TO BE A FISH.  The duo demonstrate 3D and Lorraine sings over the film!  Lorraine has eighty 3D glasses for audience members!

(photo by Step Haiselden)

Lorraine Bowen’s ‘Polyester Fiesta!’

Hilarious fashion/music cabaret celebrating polyester

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Enjoy the rest of the website!

Dates, shows, movies, singing workshops and Lorraine’s wonderful radio STEREO SPECTACULAR radio show and podcasts!

Time off down Brighton seafront....

The Chalkwell Ladies Drum ‘n’ Bass League

Lorraine joins forces with techno-knob-twiddling-tweeded lady Karina Townsend for a thrilling hour of exuberant original musical comedy, dance duets, recorder playing and up to date beats!

(photo by Step Haiselden)
(photo by Step Haiselden)
(photo by Step Haiselden)

Lorraine... getting ready for the shows!


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