Lorraine Bowen’s SHOWS

Lorraine can offer different types of shows to suit different occasions.  From short cabaret slots to massive events - here are some ideas...

(photo by Step Haiselden)
(photo by Step Haiselden)
Lorraine Bowen’s Vital Organs
Lorraine’s solo show, VITAL ORGANS, showcases her hilarious electronic organ collection from stylophone to 1980s Casiotone keyboards.  The show is funny, surreal and superbly unique.  It also features lots of her other quirky instruments such as crumhorn, Billy Bragg’s omnichord and her tiny harmonium!
Lorraine Bowen’s SOLO cabaret type set
A tailor-made show to suit the occasion!  Lorraine is used to sorting out the best songs, the best comedy and singalongs for a one-off event.  From one song to one hour of songs at events from private parties to cabarets to corporate occasions!
One show is never the same as another.
Lorraine Bowen’s GREATEST HITS!
Lorraine performs an hour solo set of her crumbletastic GREATEST HITS including Space, Fun to be a Fish, Burger Song, Ice-Cream Lady and of course the legendary.... CRUMBLE SONG! with a guaranteed sing-along!  This is particularly good for festivals and hour long fringe shows.
Lorraine Bowen’s POLYESTER FIESTA!
Lorraine’s BIG group show!  
Polyester Fiesta! celebrates 75 years of polyester in a cabaret catwalk extravaganza.   
The audience are organised as if seated alongside a MILAN catwalk and are encouraged to dress up in their favourite retro nylon/polyester outfits. There is even a chance for them to learn how to catwalk in the AUDIENCE CATWALK COMPETITION!
Lorraine is chief hostess and catwalks with fabulous team of four models -  including a wardrobe mistress who ensures the choreographed changes work like clockwork!
The full show is TWO hours with a twenty minute break but different formats are possible the fifteen minute vignettes being an event favourite!

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Sensorama Night!
Lorraine collaborates with Ben Walters’s Film night, BURN to provide a night of the senses!
Alongside brilliant short films by top animator Kate Sullivan, Lorraine delves into taste, feel, sight and hearing with songs, films and backing dancers, providing the audience with a whale of a sensory experience!  Lorraine owns eighty pairs of 3D glasses for audience members to wear! 
First performed at The Hackney Picturehouse in June 2014.
Lorraine Bowen’s Posture Classes
Lorraine spreads the word of good posture in 10-15 minute sets of exercises from 1968 with music accompaniment on CD.
Deportment advice and good old-fashioned posture fun.
Perfect for festivals and quirky events!
Lorraine Bowen’s Sequin Safari
Lorraine Bowen’s SEQUIN SAFARI is a SLIDE SHOW as if presented in front of the family in the 1970s.  A projector and screen is all that is needed for this hilarious insight into Lorraine’s mother winning first prize in the Shredded Wheat competition of 1979 and the whole family being whisked off to Africa.
The slide show is a choreographed piece with pictures and music and Lorraine performs in her original safari gear.
A really quirky event, this has been performed at The Catalyst Club in Brighton, Suburbaret in Balham and a very much extended broadcast version as her STEREO SPECTACULAR radio show and podcast.  The LIVE show is exactly 15 minutes and is an eccentric gem.
Lorraine Bowen can perform other kinds of quirky shows and themed events...